I was born in Turin in northern Italy, a city renowned for its baroque architecture, industrial history and memorable chocolate. I grew up there and in South Africa, inspired by great story tellers, history, books, and art. After graduating in Architecture in Turin, I worked in London and then came to Seattle in 1992.

For me, painting is the most natural way to capture my experiences and communicate my feelings. As a painter, I focus on the myriad qualities of movement, color, and light and, more specifically, how light and color set moods and affect the viewer. 

I am drawn to cityscapes, the human form and interior spaces. I am fascinated by the geometry and the patterns created by the spaces that surround us. Night time in particular is magical to me. It is when shapes, colors, and spaces shift and warp, and all becomes possible. I work with acrylics, watercolors and fresco and also experiment with wool, textiles, and leather.

The public art work I design is always done in partnership with my husband Dan Barsher, also an architect. Together we strive to create a vibrant urban environment where art can play a central role in building community.

We work with the juxtaposition of metal, concrete and glass and our installations can be seen throughout central and south Seattle.

Alessandra and Dan

Alessandra and Dan